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Passing Information.

Journal is still closed, however, this needs to be brought to other's attention!

Copied mostly from qwirky !

Nick Simmons, son of Gene Simmons and the "creator" of an American comic called Incarnate, has been plagiarizing Bleach, a Japanese manga, by tracing art, copying panels and fight scenes, and swiping character designs. He even ripped off a Bleach fanartist on Deviant Art. You can see comparisons at the link. Simmons' comic has also been "inspired" by another Japanese manga, Hellsing - the main character looks very much like Alucard, especially this panel. (Apparently Hellsing fandom noted the similarities months ago but wasn't aware of the art-tracing, etc.) Also at the link are mailing addresses for the American and Japanese publishers involved.  From what I hear he has also taken a few things from One Piece as well.

I really hope that the fans stay resonable as they swarm through the internet to try and have justice served. Nothing can make this situation worse than rabid angry fans. Information on what you can do to help is all in the above links!

Also if anyone still needs an invite to my new journal. Lemme know? It's friends locked and stuff now.
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This journal is now officially:


It's been a long time coming. I'm moving journals to have a fresh start. If for some reason you've found yourself left behind let me know and I'll add you to my new home. Otherwise, the best to you and your life. If our paths crossed and ended badly know that I harbor no ill will or hate. If I was at fault, you have my heart felt apologies. If our last few years have been wonderful, here is to a few more years. Farewell.

The end is only the beginning.
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So party was a sucess, pictures ... um ... I kinda forgot to take any? Sadly, when I got home from a stressful day at work saturday I had a bit of a break down after a "fight" with Alex. Which was more of a stupid arguement than anything, but it caused me to cry a lot and be angry until we both just apologised and called it good. I have to say the few times Alex and I do fight, we make up rather easily. We both love each other a lot and we both hate being mad at one another. So it's a lot easier to say we're both stupid and make up. It's nice to say the least.

Holidays are coming up and things are already starting to seem not fun. Possibly because fucking they are already doing all this holiday shit. Christmas or as they call them "HOLIDAY " commericals and drives. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all for Toys-For-Tots or Winter Coats for those who can't afford them. But seriously, WTF about Thanksgiving?  The one time of the year where we're supposd to be thankful for our family, friends, community, and those things we have? People are already gathering up and giving away donations for children so they can have Toys on christmas. What about a good meal on Thanksgiving? It seems like no one cares about donating time or money to soup kitchens, or canned foods to shelters, or even food to those services that go out of their way to provide to needy families on Thanksgiving. It mostly bothers me that Thanksgiving is over looked, because as a kid my family was actually on the receiving end of a few of those Thanksgiving Family give aways. I remember very clearly two thanksgiving when I was about 7 or 8 when we did have folks come over the night before Thanksgiving and hand us a box full of food stuff and a small turkey. I really hate how Thanksgiving is just so over looked, and yes I understand why and working in retail for my of my life and being around annoying and angry holiday shoppers has only furthered made me hate Christmas. :(

Go away until Black Friday. I do not want you creeping into my November.

Nothing seems fun anymore, not even MMOs. What the hell am I supposed to do with myself now?
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Halloween decorations are about 50% complete at this point in time. Looks like we're on schedule for saturday night. Got more stuff to do, but that's mostly food wise. Zombie soundtrack is done as well, and so is a halloween playlist. I'll try and take some pictures friday/saturday before the party. Need to remember to bring home glass bottles from work so I can make fake moltov cocktails for further decoration. I made some pretty nifty posters based off the ones found in L4D to add them to my fake wall coverings. Last thing to do is really write all over the walls like you see in the game and stack up the medi kits, which are finally together.

Hey: selfandsoul . Hocus Pocus is on ABC Family right now and I keep thinking about you. What is my Lauren up to? Fuck I miss my East Coast friends. :[
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Hey punkyami_chan I got the invitations in the mail today. I'm working a double through saturday, but if you want to sneak over and grab them from alex he'll be here. Also, I managed to base coat most of the medi kit boxes, they need white crosses and then need to be stuffed with random bits. If you wanted to hang out we could put the finishing touches on them, fill with some candy and stow them away until the party. If not no biggie, I can do it on my off time between now and then. Also, would you happen to know where I could find paper to cover the walls with? You surely must know! My attempts have failed thus far.
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Long day. Annoyed over things I'd just rather not talk about. Came home and cleaned a fair amount to distract self. Then buried my head in photoshop to finish making Halloween Invites. Found a nifty place online to order them from for officially. Cheap too ... 50 post cards with 3 day shipping, and it'll take 4 days to print off ( if I've read their site right ). So punkyami_chan here is the un-official invitation in jpg. format. Feel free to email them away. I should have official hard print ones by next friday at the latest, when I get them I'll be sure to get you a stack of them first thing. Still need to figure out the weapons/ammo cache and my own costume. Get on the ball self.

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Long weekend, that was made longer by the fact that I felt sick as a dog after my busy work week. We still had gaming on sunday, but I slept through most of it and towards the end I woke up feeling a bit more refreshed. Alex and I went and poked around a few Halloween stores for ideas, costumes, and ideas. Come to the conclusion that Pirates is probably not going to occur, it doesn't seem like something I can pull off. Zombies however is still on. We brought some red tape and started to make some bio-hazard signs. Started testing designs on our apartment windows. Going to slowly see how things turn out. Day or or before Halloween is when I think we'll trick out the front door with fake blood, hand print smears and other things. Gotta see if I can find paper large enough to cover some of the sections of walls, that way we can go around writing all sorts of messages like you'd see in a zombie safe house. We ordered some 6x4x3 boxes online that I plan on making into medical kits, probably will fill with random candy and bits. Need to figure out punch recipes ... and as I write this I realize I'm writing ideas out sparodically, but that's the best way I think.

I've gone and ordered as of today:  bio-hazard tape, bio-hazard sign, plastic brain molds, boxes for med kits, basic invitation layout.

Things I need to find/get: Lots of ammunition, fake guns, scary zombie sounds, small CD portable cd player to play scary zombie sounds on, paper ream ( something that I can cover my walls with for decoration ), cardboard that will make suitable metal-esq bars, red paint, window chalk or paint, post cards or paper for invitations, black ink for printer, and idk what else atm.
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It seems like any time I go to use live journal it is always lagging to hell and refuses to load. I've given up on several entries previously due to this problem. Nothing is new with me lately, working a lot and now on top of pulling some management shifts at work, I've also taken to doing the work schedule. It's more experience for me as far as food service management. Alex things I should just express an interest in becomming a full time manager,  but the hours would be less flexible ( as in not flexible at all ) and I'd get paid less ( probably only slightly but take away my flexibility and it's not worth my time honestly ).

Alex and I technically are about to hit our official year and a half mark here. He counts the date weird due to when we officially met, rather than when we express an interest in each other more than friends. It does not matter to me really, but we're still doing rather well for one another. Though we do need to both jump on the exercise band wagon, I've let myself go far too much and I had a really nice routine of exercise going back before we got to together that I'd like revisit.

It feels like it's honestly the end of the month already for me, that's mostly due to me fooling around with the schedule. I have up through the 3rd week of October finished and I'm getting ready to start on the last. Speaking of the end of the month, I need to keep bugging Alex about getting Halloween off. I poked him back in September about having a Halloween party, and so far he's fairly sure he can pull a few people into swapping shifts to give him that saturday off. I even have a silly theme in mind, an invitation layout, and an idea for games. Anyone remember Nightmare/Atmosfear game series?  I actually owned the original Nightmare I - IV, and some where between college and here lost them. They weren't at home when I return to NY in between, so I can only assume I got rid of them at some point. Cheesy games, but so much fun to play in a group. I'll have to see if I can ebay/amazon/buy a copy before the end of the month.

I dunno what else to put and I need to get ready for work. Start of my weekend and I've got lots of doubles to work. D: